26 September 2010

Happy. Overjoyed. Ecstatic. Inspired = ?

Wow, my few weeks back had been incredibly exciting! If you happen to follow my earlier posts, there were some kinda mix of everything I was feeling lately. I might have been a bit weary but there is always a reason to cheer up! I can mention that this is the good thing about me. I never really put myself so down whatever challenges that may come along my way. I may cry over night about something that I was really hurt from but what’s life gonna be then if I will let my tears just run all throughout and will not see the bright side of tomorrow?

Problems and challenges in all days life seems never ending. They say, that’s how life make it exciting. Otherwise, will be boring :-( However, it absolutely depends on how one will react to certain issues. The emotional level that you pour into it depicts the situation yourself will become. When you failed with something for instance, isn’t it an instinct decision, without being planned that you have to rise again and move on? But this isn’t always the case. We see people being miserable after a very hurtful or maybe tragic event that happened in their lives. There are maybe number of reasons why people become such. Weak to fight for the failure or maybe has never tried to see the bright future that awaits ahead of them?

Well as I have said, it depends on how you want to see yourself after even how many times you’ve been hurt, betrayed, failed with anything but you never give up and continue to live life at its best instead.


Happy. Overjoyed. Ecstatic. What else can I mention? Ohh, there’s one more, inlove? ;-)

Yes, I’m feeling it again. I’ve never thought this kind of feeling will get back to me a million folds. Although I was a bit hesitant to have it fully known by “him” because I wanna put things in the right place. To have no more fears of getting hurt, of risking my feelings but just treasure this wonderful feeling that I have right now. Live with it each and every second that moves coz we don’t know what we might be missing if we don’t admit what we truly feel and accept this wonderful gift that has been given to those who truly deserve.

I am inspired. Everyday as I imagine. Life became tremendously beautiful. You made me see this and that, I am thankful.


Life is becoming more beautiful and so with my weekend celebration.
Playing bowling has become one of my fave activities during off days. It may not be as regular on a weekly basis but if I feel like lifting and throwing some kgs over the bowling alleys, I drag my roomies and friends to join me play. So, did this last weekend. As exciting I am to brag the result, I led the game, lol!

...and it didn’t just stop at the bowling center. It’s been a long time I didn’t play billiards. Baby, it’s been years and didn’t imagine I can still play a bit well. How does it sound, huh? People watching and thought that a lady couldn’t play like they do, lol! Well, that might be different for me.

Dare for a challenge;-) ? LOL!

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