27 September 2010

Skittles....(in a green packaging) Anyone?

How many of you have been victimized by this little “soury-devilish” candy as pointed out by those who were caught in the office just today? LOL!

Although I am not much into sweets or chocolates that much, I can’t get myself off being attracted on the colorful packaging this stuff has. So I did grab one sachet of Skittles yesterday while I was on my grocery shopping. Who doesn’t know Skittles? Is that the one packed in red? Yes, that’s normally we picture Skittles. But there’s one that comes in a green pack too. And the taste? Whew, super duper sour and you can't imagine what sort of facial expressions each one who unfortunately were victimized by the taste behind that attractive packaging! Let me have them on the list:
1 – Lourdes Sason
2 – John Willims
3 – Paul Davies
4 – Lai Soon
5 – Rowena Francia Tirao
6 – Majah Camarao
7 – Gulshan Kumar
8 – Khillar W.
9 – Florence David
10 – Carlos Peronilla
11 – Walied Fouad

Couldn’t imagine all of ‘em made such funny faces infront of me, LOL!

Ok, so to give justice to those above-mentioned names, here’s how the first victim face looked like after having one tablet of this Skittles (in a green pack) …no other than myself…lol!

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