14 September 2010

Needs Rescue

I feel so tired today. Still have an hour before COB and I’m kinda feeling not to last sitting infront of my desk anymore. Seems like the seconds move too slow. The minute moves much slower. Why do I feel this way?

But despite of, I feel a bit accomplished. With the three kinds of not-a-joke reports finished off today, there couldn’t be much rewarding day than this.

I know when I am physically tired. How I wish I am just. But this is different. There are so much things that I wanna discuss, I wanna write with a dilemma if I really should thinking what’s going to be the impact to somebody who can read it. In as much as I wanna express my thoughts so loud, I don’t wanna cause pains, disappointments and create a selfish image behind all those generosity and kindness for ages that are used to be seen and known by people close to me. Should this really matter now that I am beyond in control of unpleasant events happening around me?

I always keep my faith positive to whatever I wished for. This guarantees me to feel much better. But why I feel so hopeless and vulnerable on this situation? How I wish I could just consider this a tiny-weeny thing so not so much to affect me.

I am starting to lose what I have planned, initially started and dreamed of something to be wholly owned. I hope I can still make it up and save it before the year ends.

Help, I need rescue by all means :-(

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