19 September 2010

That boss screaming.....

If there’s one thing I should be thanked for in my almost 10 years working, it should be having wonderful superiors, if I may describe them. The four of them, including my current manager, are the type who consider themselves not the literal “boss” who you look up and praise to...but as a team mate, leveling themselves accordingly on how a certain situation calls for them. They represent their individual departments to the management without taking the sole credit for himself for a job well done and never forgetting to mention that the recognition goes to his entire team.

Today at 7:15AM, I heard somebody screaming from the north wing side of the building. I thought not to be bothered anymore as I normally hear myself the same thing previously aside from hearsays how this particular manager talks / screams at some point. But this time got worsen. The voice became louder that it made me to lift up from my chair, together with some staff sitting opposite to my office to have a glance where the loud voice was coming from. I stepped in at my manager’s office and showed him some gestures “what the h*** is he shouting for?” Are we having a 3rd world war or something? He’s not the only guy in the office and own the entire place to have his voice raise like that. Ugh, I just pity his people under him. And I really salute their patience to stay longer working with a kind of “boss” they have. Life must’ve been really tough, huh?!

Good, the screaming didn’t last that long. And I heard a very good news (am I bad to say it really a good news? Oh well, I apologize for that though) that he had his resignation tender a month back, which means that there are only few days left and no more shouting and swearing we will hear from the north wing side of the office. Well, I’m just trying to put my feet on the same shoe of those who are working for him right now. I feel the stress too, my friends.

Good luck to a new boss!


Thank God for keeping me always have the best class of bosses in town. Hmmn, am not exaggerating things here for sure! LOL!

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