04 October 2010

Exhausted. Vulnerable. Fooled….Just Happened

Feel so exhausted today. A non-stop review on ADIB presentation from 7AM to 1PM!
I was dead hungry at 12:30 PM and wasn’t able to sneak out coz “The Bosses” were around….as in around my desk!

….and “The Bosses” left for the presentation at 1:30 PM. Thought I could have lunch then. Wrong! Waited until 3 PM to have the pantry free from all these people who love eating spicy and smelly curry! I swear, I was about to throw up with that smell all over the place today.


Cut myself (hungry-effect…hands trembling) while preparing salad  I just feel so vulnerable today.


Evening time. I don’t know if I am going to doubt if Facebook does provide benefit for me, likewise with my friends….I mean, friends on FB. Cos I am having another doubt if I’l really call this someone a “friend”. I used to know this someone was. But things have changed today, as in just today when I found out something. A post on FB!

If anyone will consider me being altruistic, I think I will agree. Indeed, most of the time I always think in favor of the other / s which sometimes it gets to the point that my little way of kindness is already being abused.

Now, I am going to have a sort of re-assessment of people who deserve to have another chance in asking favors from me and be a little bit reserved now in extending help.

Signing off now, folks! Good night!

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