19 October 2010

Tiny Update

I am a bit out of blog world for weeks now. I have got so much things in my mind that I wanna pen down, updates of what was happening around me but I am struggling to balance my free time nowadays.

When it is my nature to let out whatever I feel, I think, my emotions and reflections through writing, I so much do not feel well if I couldn’t focus about it and hit the publish button of this secret blog even if I am not sure to whom it reaches (well, not too many know about this so I assume they are just the only readers as well).

I am going to let this bunch of thoughts, emotions be out at once, once I am all done with my plans I am going to do in 2 weeks, hopefully.

But here’s pinch of update what I am up to nowadays:

1 – Eyeing for a new job. Sending too many applications and not getting a phone call even 1 in a day. But got an offer in Sharjah, though I am still considering other options. Trying to look around Abu Dhabi or Dubai. I am just thinking about relocation issues.

2 – Got a new apartment with my roomies. Will do the shifting before the month end. This is going to be exhausting.

I will be back shortly, folks!

Have a nice day :-)

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