30 October 2010

Romance Scam!

There is somehow truthfulness with this line “being single shouldn’t be dread of because the longer you are, the closer you’ll be with the right one”. This implies that you cannot just have a new great love in a blink of an eye after a hurtful breakup from your past relationship for long years. You are being unfair to yourself having someone as a rebound.

But what if it isn’t for a “love rebound” but an intention to take “something” from somebody who is weak and has the tendency to fall immediately because he/she was just over from an awful relationship. The undying care, thoughts and love merely in “words” shared by the new “prospect” will truly melt someone and fall to become a prey of the so-called love rebound.

How long does it really take for you to trust someone? Or, will you really trust and love someone whom you’ve never met in person yet?

It’s quite interesting because we claim that “love happens” over the net. But I must disagree! You cannot trust or love somebody you have never met in your life. You cannot love somebody you’ll never know….never!

For everything on the net are just SCAMS!

The link provides some insights about romance scams. Before you completely trust somebody whom you’ve just met on net, be aware of any tricks that he/she might use from some of these described on the title link - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romance_scam

Beware of scammers!

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