04 November 2010

Weary Days Again

Life is like a rolling stone, sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down. And so with my my so-called "life".

I don't know if this is the best time to describe how my life was last couple of weeks. At the beginning I was feeling ecstatic and thought that I could be the happiest person ever lived on earth. My expectations of what is going to happen in the near future which obviously was a failure when I tried it the first time will going to be as perfect while taking things slowly the second time.

Ever wonder what am I talking about? Hell yeah, the crazy feeling of being inlove! Will i hate or love it? Ugh!!!

Did i fall inlove that fast? Was it really "love" that I felt over the past months of exchange sweet memorable lines only the two of us have the idea about it? about having butterflies in the stomach, about hallucinating holding hands while he takes you for a walk, about cuddling and giving you a kiss on your forehead to give his assurance that you'll be safe in his hands? Ohh dear me! I was in a nightmare.....

I just hope, I wasn't! I have these thoughts because I am in a situation of uncertainties, of not letting me know of what is all behind the "I love you's" and make me understand why does Nature plays Us this way? Is this natural? Do we deserve to be on the state where things that we've started patching up will nearly go just for nothing? I still hope it will not. I have my Faith to hold on to, and my weapon to keep me going all throughout despite all of feeling emptiness nowadays because of what is happening in between.

I am still in pursuit of the real reasons of our existence. I will never give up!

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