04 November 2010

The Boss Resigned!

The rumour that had been passing around in the company a month ago was proven true yesterday. The rumour that "The Boss" resigned from his post already.

I wasn't happy when "The Boss" told me that he finally passed his resignation and that his last working day will be on the 18th December, just in time to celebrate the upcoming Christmas back home in the UK.

I had thoughts that he will leave the office like everyone else if they find something that will offer them of wider opportunities. But not as quick as what he told us just yesterday. I felt sad and still I am! For he was not just my superior but he was a good friend to all of us - his subordinates, to everyone else even to the tea boys and cleaners :-)

Most people know "The Boss" might agree with me to say the least that he is a good man. Knowing him not even a year I can profess that he is. For it is his nature and capable of:

- Making people smile on his own way
- Maintaining a friendly conversation even if it's almost reaching the highest temperature boiling point
- He's everybody's friend
- He teaches us in so many ways. Even it's beyond work knowledge.
- He crack jokes a lot
- He calls me Lourdey Lourdes (which by the way, only him thought of that) and the little pumpkin of the group ;-)
- I can throw a devilish look at him when I am already bit pissed off with his jokes and he still smiles and run away telling "I should go now before somebody hit me"
- He tells me that he will set a blind date with a smart, good looking and rich guy for me, LOL!
- He plays bowling and billiards with us and gives passes to play bowling again some other time, for free!
- He dines with us at the food court in the mall
- He shops playing cards because he wants to play with us
- He wants to learn more Tagalog words
- He never stops asking what are the disgusting nicknames / codenames we call with other department managers (hmmn, good we have not baptised him yet with one!)
- He bets who will win in the recent world cup
- He introduces his shooting hobby and even taking us to the club
- He teaches me "patch up lines" that I can use to speak to a deserving guy, hahaha!
- He always sits in front my desk to let me start talking anything and makes me almost not to stop ;-)
- He advises me like his own child

These are just few things that JAW does capable of doing and I will add more whatever I am going to observe for the last 6 weeks that he will still be with us in the office before he finally say goodbye to us.

Have a wonderful weekend, folks!

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