14 November 2010

Eid Al Adha - 2010

Like any other employees working in the Muslim country, I will be enjoying my 3-day Eid Holiday break from the 15th to 17th Nov 2010. Eid Al Adha is celebrated on the last islamic month of the lunar islamic calendar. In layman's term, to celebrate a New Year, A New Beginning! Happy New Year for Christians on the 1st January and Eid Mubarak for Muslims every Eid Al Adha. Unlike the New Year, 1st January is a fixed date to celebrate while Eid Al Adha will be counted from here and there. Have absolutely no idea how do they count it ;-)

I have no specifics where to spend the break yet. Still have to wait for my girlfriends which I think will still be working since they are philantropists (LOL) working for people who are on holidays, messing around at the malls and the beach fronts. Although I can roam around but I feel I will need company this time to chill out. I will check my girls' sched later then.

On the other side, I am thinking to stay back in the apartment and improve my freelance job on internet marketing. Hmmn, it sounds motivating especially when you heard this sound extra income. Yes indeed, it is! I am aiming to increase my 30 bux in my paypal account which means I really need to push myself to give extra attention to what I have started on net sometime back. We'll see that!

So long for now folks. Eid Mubarak to our Muslim friends and Happy holidays to everyone!

Enjoy life! ;-)

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