17 November 2010

Hand-made Hair Band

I fancy wearing my own hand-made / personalised accessories rather than those from commercial deals I picked up online or at shops around the city.  Aside from having my own craft to show-off with friends and colleagues that I've got this thing of womens' tidbits of fashion and accessories, I don't need to empty my pocket to buy from those expensive ones available at money-wasters shops.

What I am wearing is my very-first hand-made hair band.  I think I am starting to revive my creativity (I hope) again when it comes to this girly-stuff.  I have been designing few chokers and bracelets and made few bucks out from it few years ago but discontinue it due to unavailability of materials around my place in San Fernando City, La Union.  I needed to commute to Manila to get the materials which was a bit discomforting cos I am not really into the area.

....but now,

I will, and if I say I will, I really need to push myself to honour my word - that I will endeavour harder to have my inclinations for Travel, Fashion, Health & Beauty, my experiences in handling Relationships and everything what I see and what I feel "be out" and "visible" to everyone I can share from and exchange ideas with.

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