27 February 2011

The Secret Unfolds

This is the first post I am going to talk about the beauty essentials I have in my closet.  It sounds huge but let me focus on skin care particularly.  
If there is one thing I should be glad about my face, that is basically the skin (Again, I am reminding everyone that this a personal opinion.  Your comments will be much appreciated in writing through the comments section underneath this post rather than making a funny face on me). Forget the rest but let me have the liberty to share what I do to keep my skin free from not-so-many flaws to all of you beauty conscious.
Old and new friends got the same silent question to me on what I use with my skin to keep it pimple-free.  I think this is the best word I can use to lessen your aggravations ;-) So there it go, it is not me who just notices that I am really of all time pimple-free but my set of friends and even new people I just met too. It is a heart-pounding feedback you can hear from people and to reciprocate that, I have to share them the secret. Thanks to Olay moisturizers.

Olay moisturizers are just a gift to us who do not really require to undergo massive skin care maintenance.  Or should I say, who cannot afford those expensive skin care products? Like myself, I have a friend who is a must-try enthusiast when it comes to beauty products.  But that comes at a price.  If we are able to afford it, we can have a round year of stock piled in our place that in case the market will run out of supply, we need not to worry.  Otherwise, we remain rejection to be of our smart choice.  But for Olay products means no panic buying.  These products are available at every supermarket in the UAE and they are very affordable.  The set I am using for my day moisturizer is only AED 22 and for night is around AED 70.
There it says that I am using two types of moisturizer. The Olay Complete with SPF 15 for my daycream (this does not have much of a SPF dosage as I only stay indoors during daytime and does not really require a high dosage of SPF for sun protection) and Olay Total Effect Night Firming Cream that provides the total 7 anti aging benefits in 1 product all while asleep (sounds powerful, isn’t it?). These lovelies can never be out of my purse wherever I go. They come in a very handy containers too so it is very convenient to carry may it be on a beach getaway, mountain hike or simply a day out of town. They are just my bestfriends.

I must admit that I still try whenever a new found beauty goodie is at my hand but I will never trade my Olay to any products that will attempt to take its place in me.
For more information about the Olay products, please visit www.olay.com

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