28 February 2011

The Weekend That Was

Three more days sound a bit of a long wait before another weekend.  I am feeling exhausted and taking much of an effort to drag myself at work. The weekend was just over and I was feeling uneasy on a first working day of the week when I should have felt refreshed ready for a five-long working days.  That is because my weekend was spent on things I really did not want to do.  It wasn’t just a perfect timing spending the whole day outside and produce nothing. The day went wasted and I felt bad about it when I should have done something meaningful to cheer my weekend up. Organizing my wardrobe should have given me a nice smile before I started off the week. Don’t worry, I don’t blame anyone.
That’s fine.  Things happen beyond our control and even if we attempt to hold it off, we still can’t do anything but to embrace it, all in with the right spirit.
Ok, enough with ramblings and whining for that day. I should tell you that somehow I had a little nice time for myself on late Thursday night.  I headed to Marina Mall straight away after work to check a pair of leopard print-inspired shoes in Forever 21 but I found out that it looked more of a high booties than it is shown on the website. The purpose wasn’t served so I went for a movie ‘Just Go With It’ instead.
Another night, on a Friday.  Girlfriends meet up to cheer for a friend who joined a singing contest.  I was a bit hesitant to attend but it has been quite sometime that I wasn’t on the crowd so it might as well good to show up and go with the flow, and so I did. 
The good and not-so-good days are not yet over. I hurt my hands washing soo hard yesterday.  That is with my bare hands.  It may sound ridiculous, and yes it is, that I gave much importance on the fabric rather than taking care of my hands. Using gloves did not convince me so with the hand rashes. Would you ever dare to take the same challenge?
I can’t wait any longer for another weekend.  Hopefully for a relaxing weekend.  But before that happens, outfit posts will always be up here first.  This is for todays.

Tights from Ichibo - Khalidiya Mall

Shoes from Marina Mall - Abu Dhabi

Tube top shopped in Bangkok

The chain was a good grab at F21 last weekend, though
Happy Monday afternoon, everyone! - xxx

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