02 March 2011

A Matter of Selecting the Pair of Eyeglasses that Fits for You

I have nothing against people who would want to wear eyeglasses nothing but a change of look or simply for fashion.  But trying it to myself for the same reason will not be appealing to me.  I will wear them obviously to serve its purpose. 
I struggled to make myself believe that I can still see things clearly and need not require a pair of glasses to correct my vision. But I still didn't win the battle inspite of all and denial of the situation just made it worse.  It wasn’t a thing for me to go for an eye checkup because I was really strong to tell myself that I don’t need one and wearing eyeglasses is a big NO. I did not want to see myself having that nerdy-look I used to see back from my high school and college classmates.  And it wasn’t just on the nerdy-look I don’t wish to have because I know how it is to be annoying as well wearing a pair.
Until such time that I needed to forget whatever I was denying before and accept the fact that my eye vision is deteriorating and needed corrections.  I was considering for a surgery but my doctor advised me that my case isn’t that serious and wearing an eyeglasses is better.  He can recommend for a Lasik or Laser surgery to those with -4.00 power vision but mine was only -0.75 at that time, so again, classified as not being too serious. What the heck isn’t serious, I am almost blind and barely see things 5-meter afar. But I didn’t say a word and get my very first pair of eyeglasses to get back that eye vision I used to have few years ago.
Yes, I am now wearing a pair of eyeglasses.
I didn’t know anything about eyeglasses, so, having the first pair I got was just a normal pick for me.  I needed it to be light and comfortable because I will be wearing them every long day at work.  It was frameless and indeed very light.  The shape, color or simply a fashionable style of the eyeglasses didn’t matter to me in choosing my first pair of eyeglasses.  My simple requirement was met and I was happy with it.
I managed to have my frameless glasses for months and I got bored.  I didn’t like my frame anymore.  Thanks (*with a grudge) to the great influence of these top designers that introduces numbers of styles you will die to have one.  Brand became an added requirement for my eyeglasses. And a top designer’s brand means destroying my budget. And what happens after I got bored with my frame again? It’s really unbelievable that it became like an addiction. I seek for a new pair and lost interest in it and so on and forth.
I wasn’t being wise and careful in choosing the kind of frame I should have.  I got hypnotized of those pieces by top designers and didn’t care to pay a pricey one.  Then I realized it isn’t clever to be putting a lot of money just to have that feeling of fame and recognition because you are wearing a designer’s frame.  So I dropped the idea of being too brand conscious.  This doesn’t apply in buying my pair of eyeglasses only because I always go on a practical perspective of the things I buy.  However, it’s a different story if it’s ON SALE because I can’t definitely resist not grabbing a thing.
On another note, I am still on for a stylish pair but not necessarily paying a lot for it. The shape, color and material are what matters to me now regardless of the brand.  I got indulged having made of rubber and plastic.  No more stainless.  Rubber and plastic frames are just fashionable and fits my style. 
I feel like I am wearing my eyeglasses nothing but just for FASHION!
Now, look at who is talking (*wink).
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