06 March 2011

How Do I Know if ....

....I will not take a challenge to discover my strengths and weaknesses in fashion and styling arena?  Although I have not gone through a formal education on this field and does not see my personal style as a high-end touch compared to the renowned fashion icons in the world, this will not be the reason for me to be hesitant showing the world what my passion is.

So, the long-awaited first attempt was finally done by joining the Style MOEment competition held in the United Arab Emirates.  The competition is yet to be concluded on 12 Mar 2011 to evaluate the most popular contestant  who will garner the highest votes on their Facebook page. When the theme of this contest is Fashion and the winner should be the one who has the most fashionable outfit worn on their entry photo, the judgement will be based on the number of votes garnered by the contestants.  So this becomes a popularity contest as you may try to understand.

Anyway, it doesn't matter whether I will win or lose.  For me, joining and being accepted on this competion gave me a feeling of a big winner already.  The experience and support of my friends who voted for me are very self-uplifting.  I did not expect to have such kind of warm support that even I have only kept this thing for myself and did not wish to be known by many because of fears of rejection for those who will refuse to believe in me.

It gives me reasons to love my craft, big time!  Truly an inspiration.


vienna said...

I linked you back :)


goodluck nga pala sa Style MOEment competion.

Gusto sana kitang i-vote pero ayaw kong bigyan ng permission yung Style MOEment sa FB ko e... censya na ha.

Pero anyway, you have a great sense of style. galing! :)

Lorin Des said...

Hello Vienna,

Thanks for the link too and your wishes for the competition. Apparently, I didnt make it but it's alright. I did love the experience and support of my friends. I got a lot of votes though but of course not enough para manalo..hehe

Have a nice day.