05 March 2011

This is My Way as a Proud Filipina, What About Yours?

Hello friends. I am one of the contestants for the Style MOEment competition sponsored by one of the big malls in the United Arab Emirates, named Mall of the Emirates (MOE).  The competition is a search for the most stylish and fashionable person in the UAE. Only one winner will be chosen from the contestants of different nationalities (Europeans, Americans, Asians, Arabs, Africans, etc.).  The entry photo of the contestant that will garner the highest number of votes before 12 March 2011 on FACEBOOK - Style MOEment page will be the winner.  The winner’s story will be featured on print, TV and other forms of Fashion ads. It is a promotional tool for Mall of the Emirates and its stores so popularity is the key tool to help win the contestants.

This is my very first time to join a competition that is a perfect venue to express my innermost passion of style.  I never thought that the fashion tidbits I had only in mind will remain to be just a mere thought with no chance of showing to the world where creativity and real art is a tangible beauty that everyone can appreciate.

This competition has opened an opportunity for me to realize my self-worth and self-confidence that I was doubtful and almost believe I never had.  Joining this competition has indeed helped me changed that perception. That race, ethnicities, caste or skin color will not be a reason to hinder one’s dream to achieve and to excel what she’s best at. To join a competition like this is a manifestation that I am, a Filipina, can be at par to compete with others of the best stylish known ever from each different group.

No one has influenced me to join this competition.  It is a sole decision and call to represent my Race to achieve something that will make the Filipino Race especially in the United Arab Emirates be proud of.  This challenge will be a little thing to consider for myself but the pride and recognition that will identify me as a Filipino is an accomplishment for the whole Filipino community.
Let’s stand for that Pride!  Please join me on this battle and challenge my opponents through your VOTES. It will only take a minute to cast your vote but the fact that you became an instrument to make a difference for your fellowmen is a PRIDE that will always remain in the hearts of the Filipinos for generations.

Apologies if the procedure appears quite long.  I just want to present its details.  But the way I have presented it will not be as complicated once you have clicked the link that will direct to my entry.

Your vote, indeed is my PRIDE. THANK YOU.

Once again, THANK YOU very much!

Lourdes / Vangie

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