10 March 2011


The Filipina Style just got the reason to celebrate.  She's now having her own domain!

I was thinking to have something that I can call my own website (I don't know if that's the right term) as I read some blogs that they are having their  dot com domains.  Not from blogspot or wordpress but you may notice that the formats are exactly alike with these free url blogs.  I came to know that they've got their blogs originally either from blogspot or wordpress then migrated to their registered dot com domains.  I exactly wanted to have the same and so the start of my cravings.

I am so delighted that I finally got http://www.thefilipinastyle.com/ working.  As you might have probably noticed, I had my blogspot url earlier and now migrated to thefilipinastyle.com domain.  You can't imagine how childlike I am now jumping in ecstasy because I was able to put this just on my own! Research, a lot of reading, domain registration, hosting and more reading were made in two days.  I made this all up and running, in two days.

A person like me with no IT background and successfully run a website (in layman's term for www dot) will consider this as a material accomplishment.   It's really worth the effort and this is just another thing that I can be proud of.

But I still have a lot of improvements to be done.  I am planning to change the theme, formatting, etc. to have that native look and feel like of a true Filipina*.  I have initiated few changes like the banner and text colors to light brown that ensembles the *chic image like of a Filipina.  Few add-ons like news websites I normally visit and Charity organizations I look forward to be a member or part on one of their social works maybe are also added here.

There are more plans that I want to do to optimize this blog.  Sure it will not come all at once. I have to do it one at a time, surely for a seamless blogging solution.

Stay tuned and allow me to thank all of you who are reading my posts.  I will truly appreciate if you can give a shout so that I can properly give you credit for the time you're sharing here.

So long for now folks. It's almost weekend here again in the UAE and so I say, Happy Weekend to all!


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