28 March 2011

My Lifestyle - Part 1

So let's talk about healthy lifestyle (*wink).  Or I'd rather say, let me just share what sort of lifestyle do I follow if it could be classified as healthy.

Ok, ok I need not to deny my age.  I just turned 30!  30 and 2 months to be exact. Yes, I'm no longer a kid which means I have to be conscious a little bit more now on health than what I used to be when I was just in my 20's. I was not bothered about anything.  Did everyone else does during this stage?  I was young and carefree and happy-go-lucky kid at that time. But this has changed now.  How powerful time can change us.  I realized this time should be the beginning of new life, healthy, better life to enjoy.

It may not easy to start a new undertaking leaving behind all what you used to do.  But for me, I did it simple.  Setting a goal on what I want to become, discipline and determination are my key to prosper - on anything I'd like to achieve.

This is what I want, so this is what I should do. Say, I wanna feel fresh to wake up in the morning for work, so I sleep early (*wink) - seriously. I don't wanna gain more than 50kgs, so I work out and have proper diet (I've got some weight management stuff I follow too ;-))

So what I take in for my diet?  I am vegetarian and gave up eating pork for 7 years now.  Beef doesn't have appeal on me too.  I drink a lot of water, fruit juice and fresh milk.  I eat a lot of fruits too.  Junkies are 'no' to me.  I am not a chocolate baby or for anything sweet.  Of course I don't smoke.  I drink on socials - I think this could be an excuse for the heart? (*wink) What else? Ohh, don't misjudge on my nerdy-look.  This is the effect of being a studios kid and prolonged contact in front of the computer.

And by the way, how does my newly-acquired booties look?  This was in my shoplist for almost 2 months and how amazing it is to have that 70% price cut deal from F21!  Who am I to refuse the offer?

It transpires that I need to have a continuation of this post.  Sure I will do that, so stay tuned.

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