27 March 2011

Prepping for Holiday 2011

Four days more and I am off for my short holiday.  There is a small change of itinerary and I think it will be much more exhausting than I thought the first IT I had.  I will have to squeeze my schedule in between P.I trips to fit in my Singapore holiday.  I had a bit difficulty adjusting my days  because my friend in SG just confirmed so late just after I have finalized my destinations to the islands.

I am still glad anyway that I will have a chance to visit my long-time friend I have not seen for ages.  Plus, the SG adventure I can't wait to try.  So now, the hike to mayon volcano will be staggered for the time being and replace it for a more exciting, exhalirating SG adventure that awaits my 4-day visit to the place.

This is how my 2-week holiday most likely will become: 

01 Apr - Departs UAE
02 - 03 (night) Apr - Arrives Manila / La Union and departs for Samar islands
04 - 06 (night) Apr - Samar stay and departs for Cebu
07 - 08 (night) Apr - Cebu stay and departs for Singapore
09 - 11 (night) Apr - Singapore stay and departs for Manila / La Union
12 - 15 (night) Apr - La Union stay and back to Manila for my early morning flight back to the UAE on the 16th.

I am so breathless by merely looking at this schedule.  This is my first time to plan as hectic as this.  I will just make sure I've got all my backpack essentials for a nomadic experience I will have for 2 weeks.  So much energy I have right now and I hope it will continue 'til I am done with my half-month break.

Have some sneak peak of the places I am planning to visit for that 2-long (short?) week round:

Might have few more places to visit too so stay tuned and wait up for the photos, sure!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! Be safe! - xxx

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