02 May 2011

Short Update

Dess is back.  Yes, I am back after a month break away from work, blogging and the UAE. I have good and not-so-good news to tell during my vacay period but not really that much exciting and serious ;)

So let me start off how did it go.  My 2-week stay in the PI wasn't really spent well as planned.  Five days went wasted 'cos I got sick! Can you imagine how grumpy I was at that time spending the days in the hospital with tubes and needle pricks on me.  This happened all because of that seafood intake I had for dinner.  Sort of a food poison. So weird that it was just me to get it and dehydrated. It was bad.  I was not able to do my usual afternoon walk-by the beach nor for a swim everytime I get home. I didnt make my SG visit too 'cos 'again' I was laying down on a hospital bed when I was supposed flying bound to SG at that time.  Not really pleasant to remember but I must still say Thanks that I got well.  Next time always comes anyway for that missed activities. 

I was afraid I couldn't make it to be back to the UAE until I was discharged in the hospital.  A day after was my flight back.  I managed to sort out my legal papers and other documents for the immigration for my trip back to the UAE just after I got discharged from the hospital. Wow, it was exhausting!

I don't hate Planning, but looks like I am now.  Ohh, am not forgetting that I am part of this team where I work, the Planning Department.  I just can't help it 'cos everytime I make one it rarely come as I wish.  On a personal level, I am always spontaneous and it feels me better 'cos I don't get disappointments unlike when I really make plans and don't come.  Picture how Clients in a construction industry react when the planned target finish date of a Project is not met regardless of any valid work disruption factors claim by the Contractor.  Now, I can't say that I don't have the same heart of these Clients. 

On another update, yay, I got inked again! Not only one but I got two and that makes I've got three now and I like it! They mean good luck....for everything to me, well I hope ;) And definitely this wasn't planned.  Now, where am I being a spontaneous? I think am gonna post photos of these later on. 

Monday cheers everyone! xxx

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