26 March 2011

On Giving Advises...

Shock absorber. Listener. Adviser. A buddy - because I am a friend.  I think these are just few of how I could describe myself whenever my girlfriends are in between something of a chaotic, troubled minds about anything.  I am not complaining though, much I appreciate that they trust me sharing their own stories.  Everyone else does.  I do the same if I am on their situation too.  Just thankful though mine doesn't take much time of thinking over and over again 'cos I know only time can bridge the little pieces that have been broken apart brought about by whatever an issue maybe.

There comes a time I feel a bit tired listening such stories but there's also the other side of me that tells me to try hard to understand these people because they are not aware enough even how many times they keep on nagging their problems and whinings so much to push the limit of my tolerance staying with them.  Because they've got troubled minds and so can't think much constructively. That's fine, I can still tolerate it.  But being a friend, I tell the truth even how much it hurts them.  Reality bites, though.  I figure anything so clear that one missed step of action, they should be ready to whatever consequences it will bring. I don't push anyone to listen or believe whatever my advise is but what I always want them to understand is, I say things of purefuly factual and no prejudices.

So much of my gladness when a friend listens to what I say.  One just did.  I may not be that expert to give advise on anything but h*ll yeah, my words do work!  What exactly came out was the same we expected and wanted to happen.  The power of patience and positive attitude towards something she almost think unbearable were key to solve the problem. It gave her hope once again to try another chance on something that has nearly ended with so much questions left unaswered.

I am just thankful how our almost endless BBMings, after-work meet ups to talk it over, weekend discussions turned out.  Fulfilling indeed, and I did not fail being the truest friend to consider ;-)

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