20 March 2011

Weekend Update

The weekend was a bit tiring but I was happy the way things went out, as planned beforehand.  I hope this will not make somebody envy because I know how she felt bad while the weekend was almost over.  She's a friend and it's absurd feeling so great when somebody feels lost and unstable.  I know she's still at this moment and I just hope she will get over those issues that have arisen over the weekend.

We did our part as a friend.  Pieces of advise are always in the box for her to pick those up.  We will wait and see how it will turn out whatever she may decide later on.

Can't believe myself that I did most of listening and giving advises to friends over the weekend.  On what else to talk about other than their beautiful love lives!  Ohh ladies, I just love your stories. Seriously.

We all do have differences of situations over this matter - Lovelife.  Bad, worse or the worst situation perhaps, will have the same impact to destroy oneself if you permit the negativity thoughts you have towards an issue. It all depends how are you going to handle the circumstances brought about by your reactions on a certain situation.  We were given minds over hearts to control our emotions. To rule over emotions and decide what is the right thing to do - to freed oneself from destructions if otherwise not being carefully thought. 

So, few more days before my month-long break.  Half of it will be spent in P.I and the other half in U.A.E.  This is the first time ever I will be spending a long break in the U.A.E.  I hope I will be able to spend it productively as I planned for couple of things to accomplish out of my work perspective.

Sure I will be fine for 15 days in the islands of P.I again.  Although my itinerary looks so exhausting already traveling from the Capital down to the South - head back to the capital - and finally to the North, I am really not that sure how will I be able to gear myself up to battle this tiresome journey I will have for 2 weeks. 

Not just that.  My urge to feed myself with a not-so-extreme adventure again is up whenever I get a chance to have a long break.  I booked myself to join a hike to the Mayon Volcano on April 9 and 10!  This means that my not only 2 but 3 days stay more in the North will be spent in the Bicol region and only few days will be left for La Union before I head back to the Capital again to catch my flight back to the UAE on early 16th of April.

The P.I. trip will definitely be manageable, I hope (*wink).

For today's treat, here are some snapshots to keep an eye for (*wink).  Just pardon me with the as usual, not-so-good captures.  Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! - xxx
Lazy-dom (such a word!) hit me so this is the outfit I came up for today

By the way, managed to lose 5 kgs for almost 2 months now.  Yohoo, don't you think it's a great achievement? 

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